Transformasi Politeknik

Polytechnic Transformation

To further reinforce the role of Polytechnics in education and training, on 20 November 2009 the Cabinet deliberated and approved the Higher Education Memorandum (No. 871/2670/2009) with respect to Polytechnic Transformation objectives as follows:

  • Accelerating polytechnic as the leading TVET institution;
  • Strengthening the relevance and responsiveness of the polytechnic program as to in line with the requirements of the country economic development;
  • Leading the niche area as well as specific technology to produce quality graduates who are entrepreneurs spirited, high employable and competitive;
  • Developing good reputation and brand to place polytechnic among the best higher education institutions in the country; and
  • Diversifying and expanding program offerings that are full-filling students’ interest.

Polytechnic Transformation Roadmap which has been launched on 25 February 2010 by the Deputy Prime Minister was the beginning efforts to develop polytechnic’s new endeavours to preserve the human capital development. The Cabinet has agreed on four thrusts in Polytechnic Transformation Roadmap as follows:

  • Enhancing Polytechnics towards becoming the student's choice and preferred institution that is at par with universities;
  • Development of programmes and research in niche areas, representing the different strengths of each Polytechnic;
  • Equipping Polytechnic teaching personnel and support staff with high skills and competency; and
  • Development of an excellent work culture and image.

For the realization of the national agenda, the Polytechnic Transformation supports the National Higher Education Strategic Plan, Government Transformation Programme and Economic Transformation Programme through initiatives undertaken in accordance with the following four phases:

  • Phase I: Quick Wins and Institutional Transformation
  • Phase II: Improvement towards Excellence
  • Phase III: Empowerment
  • Phase IV: Excellence

Each phase has a framework based on the expected and identified results. Thus, the yield is as follows:

  • Polytechnics as the institution of choice;
  • Employable / Entrepreneurial Graduates; and
  • Positive perceptions towards polytechnic.