Piagam Pelanggan

Client Charter

The DPE is committed in providing quality, efficient and customer - friendly services in the following aspects:

  • Providing quality education at diploma and advanced diploma  levelin  accordancewiththecurrentneedsoftheindustry.
  • Ensuring studentsintake process adhere to the stipulated rules and criteria, and the results to be made available with in a month after the closing date of the application.
  • Placement of lecturers to Polytechnics to take place at least twice a year.
  • Responding to every official complaint or enquiry by providing appropriate feedback within five working days.
  • Organising dialogue sessions twice a year with related industries and agencies to ensure that the education and training programmes offered are relevant to the human resource needs.
  • Providing  information  pertaining  to  education  opportunities offered within three working days.